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Casa Capsa

Casa Capsa is a historic restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, first established in 1852. At various times it has also included a hotel; most recently, it reopened as a 61-room hotel.

The restaurant, confectionery, and coffee house

In 1852, Anton and Vasile Capsa founded the first confectionery shop on Calea Victoriei, somewhat north of the present Casa Capsa, which was founded by their younger brother Grigore Capsa in 1868. Anton and Vasile had financed Grigore through four years of courses at the renowned Boissier in Paris, where he turned down an opportunity to become the supplier for the French Imperial Court. The French-inspired confectionery of Casa Capsa soon established a continent-wide reputation. The business expanded in 1881 to a full-service restaurant, at a time when quality restaurants along Western European lines were still quite a rarity in Romania.
The hotel

The enterprise was expanded in 1886 to include the Capsa Hotel, initially a guest house for members of parliament from out of town. The French manager had formerly managed the Hotel Café Anglais in Paris. In 1908, the British magazine John Bull ranked it "among the best hotels in the world". According to the revived hotel's web site, "It was considered for a long time the only suitable residence of the artists, rich and aristocratic families or high rank politiciens [sic] and diplomats visiting Romania," a role it would eventually yield to the Athénée Palace.
Among the hotel's guests in ist heyday were German Kaisers Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II; Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Josef I; several members of the Imperial Russian royal family, including Tsar Alexander II; all four Romanian monarchs and their queens consort; kings of Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria; and such other notables as Josephine Baker, Sarah Bernhardt, Enrico Caruso, George Enescu, W. Averell Harriman, Jozef Pi?sudski, and Raymond.

36 Victoriei Avenue
N 44,43556° O 26,09822°
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