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Tasköprü Besonders Sehenswert

Tasköprü is a combined regulator dam and bridge. It was constructed as a flood barrier as part of the Konya Plain Irrigation Project on the ground of a ruined 8–10 arched bridge between 1908 and 1914. Its completion was delayed due to repeated flooding at the Lake Bey?ehir.

The dam was commissioned by Ottoman Grand Vizier Mehmed Ferid Pasha of Vlore, (Turkish: Avlonyal? Ferid Pa?a). Regulated water draining off the lake contributed to the rise of the formerly droughty and quaggy Konya Plain into a "granary".
Tasköprü is situated over the Beysehir-Sogla-Apa Canal close to the Lake Bey?ehir. The 42 m long and 6.35 m wide ashlar-masonry combined dam-bridge structure has two level of 15 arches and floodgates. The bridge was initially open to motorized traffic. After the building of a new road bridge west of it, Tasköprü is used today as a pedestrian bridge only.
With effect on July 12, 1980, the historic monumental structure was put under protection by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board.

GPS-Daten: N 37,68071° O 31,72275°

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